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Mar. 07, 2018

Women in Forestry

Gender roles

Women's participation in forestry systems

Farmers program

Program in Dokolo

The Better Globe Group chairman visited Uganda

Logging ban

Kenya banned logging

The Kenyan government's 13 year logging ban

Customer visit

A trip to Kenya

Better Globe customers visit operations in Kenya

Better Globe

A unique business

How Better Globe Forestry stands out in business


BGF launches bank

A second microfinance bank was opened in Kamuwongo

Melia volkensii

Melia conference

Melia workshop held in Nairobi in August 2017

Better Globe AS

Better Globe's work

Rino Solberg talks to Corporate vision magazine


Both melia species

Differences between the two melias


Outgrowers program

A Better Globe Forestry team visited Uganda

Rino Solberg visits farmers program in Dokolo

  • Jan Vandenabeele
  • Feb. 13, 2018
  • 1

In December 2017, the Better Globe Group Chairman Rino Solberg visited the farmers program in Northern Uganda. Many successes were had during his trip and some representatives from neighboring districts were receptive of Better Globe Forestry's plans

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The future of Kenya's gazetted forest plantations

  • McRae Muthomi and Jan Vandenabeele
  • Feb. 09, 2018
  • 0

In 1999, the Kenyan government put in effect a ban on logging that went on for 13 years in all its established plantations. We wanted to know why the government took such a decision and the implications that the ban had on the forestry sector.

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Better Globe customer's visit

  • Jan Vandenabeele
  • Feb. 02, 2018
  • 1

In July 2017, Better Globe customers visited Better Globe Forestry's operations in Kenya. Around 40 visitors from around the world arrived in Nairobi and were shown all the work Better Globe Forestry has done in Kenya.

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