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Oct. 28, 2018

Man of the Year 2018

Man of the Year 2018

Rino received Business Worldwide Magazine award

Dokolo, Uganda
Sep. 26, 2018

1 million tree seedlings

1 million seedlings

Our new tree nursery in Uganda is growing fast


Planting program

Launch of tree planting program with YICAFA

Acacia senegal

A different species

Learn how this unique tree is making its mark


Awards for schools

Green Initiative Challenge shows progress

Apr. 30, 2018

The Better Globe A-Team

Exceptional members

Members of A-Team discuss future of Better Globe


Work is expanding

Better Globe Forestry grows in East Africa


Project with Uganda

Mission to plant Persian Lilac trees in Uganda

Mar. 07, 2018

Women in Forestry

Gender roles

Women's participation in forestry systems

Farmers program

Program in Dokolo

The Better Globe Group chairman visited Uganda

1 Million Tree Seedlings Grown in 9 Months

  • McRae Muthomi
  • Sep. 26, 2018
  • 2

In less than 9 months, Better Globe Forestry has managed to grow 1 million tree seedlings at our new nursery in Dokolo district, Uganda. Most of the seedlings have been distributed to almost 6,000 partner farmers.

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Better Globe Forestry to plant trees in Uganda

  • McRae Muthomi
  • Jul. 23, 2018
  • 0

Better Globe Forestry continues its mission to plant as many trees as there are people on this planet, and this time they are partnering up with leaders in Uganda to launch a tree planting project to benefit thousands of farmers.

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Acacia senegal's role in Better Globe Forestry

  • Safeena Kassoo and McRae Muthomi
  • Jun. 21, 2018
  • 0

Acacia senegal, or gum arabic tree, is an indigenous African tree species that withstands extreme conditions and is easily adaptable. Better Globe Forestry is currently growing this species on trial plantations in parts of Kenya.

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