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Another 137,570 Trees Planted

Leftover mukau (Melia Volkensii) nuts after the seeds have been taken out.

Photo courtesy: Better Globe Forestry

Another 137,570 Tree Seedlings Planted

Mukau (Melia Volkensii) — From Fruit to a Massive Mahogany Tree

  • Jan-Tore Øvrevik
  • Dec. 07, 2016

In October, we added 137,570 more trees to our database. We are only about 115,000 trees away from reaching our first milestone of one million trees planted (but if we count donated trees, we have already reached our milestone). This may not seem like a big number for a tree planting company that has been active for 10 years, but we are not like any other tree planting company: We are pioneers in planting trees in semi-arid areas. As you all know, it takes time for trees to grow, especially when you must find new methods to extend survival under harsh drought and poor soil conditions.

Testing growing conditions for trees is a long, tedious process that takes years to optimize and find the right solutions. While we are waiting for our in-vitro lab to start, which will help us multiply high-quality tree seedlings in a fast and efficient way, we would like to show you the complete planting process from an easily understandable perspective.

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