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Inspection of the field and nursery in Nyongoro

  • Safeena Kassoo
  • May 25, 2016

Regular field visits are a permanent task of the Better Globe Forestry operational team. In this case, Jan Vandenabeele and Samuel Nakhone inspect the activities in the field and in the nursery of Nyongoro. They also lead the mandatory team meetings. The issues discussed are both technical and motivational.

Better Globe Forestry workers spraying the grass for weeds

In preparation of planting, a well-equipped team sprays the grass for weeds.

Photo courtesy: Better Globe Forestry
Better Globe Forestry takes the health and safety regulations in handling chemicals very seriously

Better Globe Forestry takes the health and safety regulations in handling chemicals very seriously, therefore the team wears protective clothing to complete the task.

Better Globe Forestry inspecting drilling activities at Nyongoro Site

Samuel Nakhone inspects the drilling activities. The tractor and drill can dig up to 600 holes a day in moist circumstances. When the soil is too dry, the drill is of no use and manual labor is required.

Drilling hole

An adequate drilling hole. Mechanization as a direct impact on the consistency of the work.

Preparation of seedlings in the nursery

Massive preparation of seedlings in the nursery.

Mukau seedlings, Nyongoro, Kenya

The hardening off area of the mukau seedlings in Nyongoro.

Mukau trees planted by Better Globe customers in 2011

A quiet and cool area of the nursery in Nyongoro. The mukau trees were planted by Better Globe customers during a visit in 2011.

Field team meeting in Nyongoro

Jan Vandenabeele chairs the operational field team meeting in Nyongoro to address technical, motivational, and health and safety issues.

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