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New equipment will help improve efficiency

  • Safeena Kassoo
  • May. 22, 2017
Better Globe Forestry - two new tractors
New tractors ready for the field in Better Globe Forestry

Better Globe Forestry’s work has been growing extensively, and a need to improve on mechanization arose. In March 2017, Better Globe Forestry received tractors that will contribute to  improvement in its field operations, with specific improvements in efficiency and productivity. The new tractors will be used for all operations that can be mechanized, including land clearing, transport of seedlings, pitting, transport of water, spraying, and other tasks that would otherwise be difficult without mechanization. It is clear that we now need less labor in these areas, but still need lots of labor on nursery operations that cannot be mechanized, such as collection of fruits and the preparation of seeds.

Tractors and tractor services are useful tools in impoverished countries that have not had technological privileges to improve production. For farmers, mechanization allows for greater areas of arable land to be farmed and can eliminate the need to perform tedious tasks by hand. With tractors, many acres of land can be farmed and maintained efficiently, and the improved equipment can mean increased yields for farmers. 

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