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Business Worldwide Magazine’s Man of the Year 2018

  • Safeena Kassoo

Meet Rino Solberg: Chairman of the Better Globe Forestry, and Business Worldwide Magazine’s Man of the Year 2018. Deemed as one of the most innovative advocates in corporate responsibility, Rino recently sat down with Business Worldwide magazine to discuss the recent extensions of the Better Globe Group. The addition of these three new companies acts as another way Better Globe intends to finance the sustainable implementation of their vision. And as all projects within the Better Globe Group, the three new companies will adhere to the basic principles of social entrepreneurship, and focus on the long-term goal of eradicating poverty in Africa.

The three new companies – Trees4RealEstate, Trees4Cars, and Trees4Shopping – will change the way people buy houses and cars, and also the way people shop online. The main reason for starting these companies is to find new and better ways to finance Better Globe’s goal to plant as many trees as there are people on this planet.

Anyone who purchases or sell a house, can join the Trees4RealEstate system and earn 20% of the total price of the home after 15 years. The seller of the home pays 4% of the total price of the home to purchase high-quality mahogany trees through Trees4RealEstate. The trees are to be planted by Better Globe Forestry. 15 years later, Better Globe Forestry pays back the trees at a fixed price equal to 40% of the total price of the home. This is split between buyer and seller, who each receives 20%. Trees4Cars also follows the same business method, allowing both sellers and customers of cars to both receive a cash-back value of 20% each in year 15.


Trees4Shopping is an online loyalty program, where customers receive 25% cash-back on everything they purchase through the company’s online shopping partners. The partner will pay a small percentage of every sale to purchase trees through Trees4Shopping. The customer of the online store doesn’t pay anything for the trees, but can harvest the 25% cash-back in year 15. This way, millions of people can own Better Globe trees without even paying for them.

Better Globe Forestry produces and plants mukau trees, which is a high-quality mahogany species that is well suited for semi-arid areas in Africa where the company operates. People and companies can buy one tree or thousands with a fixed buy-back deal for their future’s investment. Mukau trees are especially useful for communities because of the wood they produce, which can be used for furniture and firewood once the trees are harvested.

The purchase of even one tree can make a large difference. For the Better Globe Group, it’s more than a profit. Buying and planting trees means a better life for many Africans who can’t otherwise provide for themselves. It also means contributing to education, microfinance, and other projects that benefit the lives of many. By participating in any of the three new companies, you too can contribute to eradicating poverty in Africa: one tree at a time.

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