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Better Globe Media
Journey to East Africa

Please enjoy the new picture albums we recently published, as they are a testament to the beautiful weeks we spent in East Africa. In our Kenya album, you will see pictures of the red countryside, the smiling natives, and the wonderful projects that Better Globe Forestry is diligently working on, such as Kiambere Plantation and Kibwezi Mukuyu Test Farm. In our Uganda album, you can look at the beautiful, smiling faces of all the children we met, and some of the sights we saw on behalf of Child Africa. We hope you enjoy these images, as they were taken with great care. Each picture tells a story of our journey, one that was long and difficult at times, but most of all a rewarding trip.

A journey to East Africa, by Safeena Kassoo

Safeena Kassoo, Editor in Chief, Better Globe Media, together with children in Child Africa

The photo above was taken at Child Africa’s school at the equator. I was a tourist, overwhelmed by these children who had the most energy and happiness I have ever seen. They didn’t seem burdened by any of life’s worries — the struggles of work, the pain of relationships, the hardships that we believe we face daily. They were simply happy, in the most innocent ways. I’m happy to have this photo as a reminder that things are not always as bad as they seem, and that with our privileges we can get through anything.

Child Africa's role in education and success
Painting of Julie Solberg with Child Africa children

Child Africa is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children through education. Since 1997, Julie and Rino Solberg have been fulfilling their dream to help the children in Africa through their organization. With heart and hard work, Child Africa has since grown into a force that contributes to children’s success. Child Africa is proof that education can help foster a child in many ways, and by helping impoverished children, anyone can make a big difference in this world.

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